Embossing Tapes

Embossing Tapes
Sturdy to stand up to elements, versatile for a range of needs, these DYMO exclusives are must-haves for people who are serious about embossing their world. Embossing tapes can be used on our current embossers: LabelBuddy, LabelBlaster, OrganizerXpress and 1011 Metal Tape Embosser.

Colored Embossing Tape

In handy plastic cartridges, these self-adhesive embossing tapes are easy to use, offering a range of lengths, as well as colors for a rainbow of applications.
Sizes: 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" widths

Metallic Embossing Tape

Self-adhesive in aluminum and stainless steel, these tapes are intended for use on tools, equipment, industrial cabinetry and shelving.
Sizes: 1/2" width
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