Printing your own postage with DYMO Stamps™

DYMO Stamps™ is so easy, you'll wish you had more mail to send!

Seven years after internet postage was introduced, many small- and home-based business owners in the U.S. are still standing in line at the Post Office to buy stamps, rather than going online. With businesses looking for every way to increase productivity, DYMO has created the most compelling reason for businesses to print postage from their computers.

DYMO now offers DYMO Stamps™. This innovative service enables businesses to print postage direct from a DYMO LabelWriter® printer connected to their PC or Mac – without paying a monthly service fee. DYMO Stamps answers most small business postage needs by printing First Class, Priority Mail, Postcard, and International Airmail (up to 1 oz.) postage.

The DYMO Stamps™ software and service works with DYMO’s high performance LabelWriter 400 Turbo, Twin Turbo and Duo label printers. In minutes you’ll be printing postage – for envelopes, small packages, postcards, Flat Rate Priority Mail®, International Mail (1 oz.) and more.

What’s exciting is that DYMO Stamps™ will save small business owners time and money by eliminating monthly service fees commonly associated with Internet Postage, or the need to rent or lease a postal meter. It’s really as easy as the LabelWriter itself. Pop in a roll of postage labels and open up the DYMO Stamps™ software, select the postage you need, and print. It’s fast, easy and cost effective.”
If you want to get started quickly, choose our bundle below that features the LabelWriter Twin Turbo and a number of useful labels. Instructions to install the free software and sign on to the no-monthly-fee service come in every box. The box also includes a starter role of DYMO Stamps™.

Complete kit to label your envelopes and packages

The quickest way to start professionally labeling your envelopes and packages is with this office kit; include our top of the line LabelWriter TwinTurbo that holds two rolls of labels and a package of clear address and shipping labels.

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