Why waste time at the Post Office? Print no-monthly fee postage – in seconds.

DYMO Stamps™ is so easy, you'll wish you had more mail to send!

DYMO Stamps™ is the fast and easy way to print the new "shape-based" USPS®-approved postage – from PC or Mac. It eliminates the need for costly postal meters, or to stand in line at the post office to purchase stamps. And it makes it simple to print the precise amount of postage you need for each mailpiece.

The DYMO Stamps software and service works with DYMO’s high performance LabelWriter 400 Turbo, Twin Turbo and Duo label printers. Instructions to install the free software and sign on to the no-monthly-fee service come in every box. In minutes you’ll be printing postage – for envelopes, small packages, postcards, Flat Rate Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, International Mail (1 oz.) and more. (Note - if your new LabelWriter 400 Turbo, Twin Turbo or Duo printer does not have DYMO Stamps software in the box, click here to download the software and sign up for your free account.)

  • NO Monthly Fee*, Only Pay for Postage and Labels
  • NO Hassles in figuring out the new "shape-based" USPS® rates
  • Print one Postage Label at a Time, or Dozens
  • Eliminate the Need for Costly Postal Meters
  • Eliminate Trips to the Post Office to Purchase Stamps


*DYMO Stamps™ service provided by Endicia™, a licensed USPS® PC Postage™ provider. Account terms are subject to change .