LabelWriter 310

LabelWriter 310

LabelWriter 310

A fast computer-compatible label printer, the LabelWriter 310 offers economical, high-resolution thermal printing. With easy-to-use DYMO label software, the 310 integrates easily with your favorite software applications - to print labels for envelopes, file folders and tab inserts, video spines and more. It even comes with add ins that let you print directly from Microsoft® Word, Outlook® and other popular programs with a click of a button. Prints labels up to 40 mm wide.
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    A. DYMO LabelWriter Software v6.1.0.8
    Important Notes:
    This version of software does not support Windows 95 or NT.
    Customers still running Windows NT should use DLS 4.31.
    Windows 95 is no longer supported.
    This software only supports all XL, EL and 300 series printers through direct serial or USBconnectivity.
    The use of serial to USB adapters is no longer supported

    • Download and install instructions:
      After downloading one of the files, unzip the file to a location.
      Double-click the file install.exe and follow the online instructions.

    • Important notice when upgrading to or reinstalling DYMO Label Software v6.0.5
      Always uninstall previous versions of DLS

    • Important: When reinstalling or upgrading, the Label Files folder is replaced. Your own customized labels, stored in the Label Files folder (default is ..:\Program Files\DYMO Label\Label Files\), will be deleted.

    • To save your customized labels
      1. Copy these label files from the Label Files folder to a temporary folder.
      2. After uninstalling and reinstalling DLS, move the labels files from the temporary folder back into the Label Files folder.

    • Platform:
      For use with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

    • Features:
      Completely new user Interface

    • System Requirements:

      • 20 MB of hard disk space
      • 8 MB of available RAM
      • Open Serial or USB port
      • CD ROM or Internet connectivity

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    B. DYMO driver uninstaller
    For use with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    This utility will remove DYMO driver files and registery keys from the PC.
    It is advised to run this file:
    - before executing upgrades of DYMO software.
    - before reinstalling a DYMO application after an unsuccesfull installation.


      A. DYMO LabelWriter Software v6.1
      For use with Mac OS 10.2.8 and Mac OS 10.3
      • features
        - An easy to use interface
        - On-label text editing
        - Easy to use address book
        - Improved handling of label files
        - Smart Paste and Print Functionality from Excel

      • What's new
        - Integrates with Mac address book
        - Automatic software updates
        - MAC OS 10.3 Panther is now supported
        - More templates have been added.

      • Requirements
        DLS v6.1 requires Mac OS 10.2.8 or 10.3. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the Mac OS that's available for your computer. For OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), please be sure to update your OS to 10.2.8.

      • Installation
        The installation program will copy all of the application and driver files needed to use a LabelWriter. When the installer has finished, it will start the Print Center utility. You will need to add your LabelWriter.

      • DLS 6.1 requires that you have "Administrator" level permissions. You MUST be able to modify files in the System folder of your Macintosh in order to be able to install and configure a LabelWriter printer.

      • DLS 6.1 supports the following printer models:
        LabelWriter Turbo (USB models only)
        LabelWriter 310
        LabelWriter 320
        LabelWriter 330 Turbo

      • DLS 6.1 MAC Dutch.hqx
      • DLS 6.1 MAC English.hqx
      • DLS 6.1 MAC French.hqx
      • DLS 6.1 MAC German.hqx