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Good to know

    • Installing Your LabelWriter 450 or 450 Turbo
      • How do I get my LabelWriter 450 or 450 Turbo to work on a Windows 7 PC when attached to a USB 3.0 port?

        Country Telephone Hours
        Austria +431206091919 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Belgium +3227007453 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Czech Republic +420239016817 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Denmark +4543314814 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Finland +358972519770 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        France +33157324846 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Germany +4969999915354 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
        Hungary +3617789452 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Ireland +35315171856 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Italy +390223331557 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Netherlands +31707703820 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Norway +4722310922 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Poland +48223060692 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Portugal +351213665376 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Slovakia +442035648353 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Spain +34911776124 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Sweden +46859366312 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Switzerland +41446545919 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        UK +442035648354 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        International +442035648356 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
        Some LabelWriter printers sold between June 2014 and August 2014 will not properly install on Windows 7 PCs when attached to a USB 3.0 port. A software update that will fix this problem on these printers is now available. Go here for more information. For further assistance please call DYMO Customer Service Support at the provided number to receive the instructions on how to quickly install the repair.

    • A LabelWriter problem
      • When checking in a group, the printer stops printing after X number of labels.


        If Internet Explorer 5.5 is installed in stead of 6.0 or higher, Guestguard won't be able to give the proper message to the LabelWriter. The group will be checked in, but GuestGuard can't transmit the correct printinstructions to the LabelWriter. Not all labels will be printed.


        Install Internet Explorer 6.0 or a higher version. This can be downloaded for free from internet.

        If the problem persists the problem might be related to your LabelWriter. Please visit the LabelWriter Support Pages

    • A password problem
      • The password or user name is invalid.


        The general login url instead of the company's url is saved in "favorites".


        Type the complete company url in and log in again.
        Make sure the complete url is saved and not just a part of it.

    • A GuestGuard problem
      • The application indicates that the templates are not saved in the correct folder, in step 3 of the installation wizard.


        When setting up the wizard, the application indicates that the templates are not saved in the correct folder.


        The pop-up blockers are not disabled and the active X controls are not activated as stated on page 2 of the installation wizard.


        Return to step 2 of the installation wizard and disable the pop-up blockers and activate the active X controls before continuing to step 3.

      • When a person is checked in, an email is not send.


        A. The account of the person to receive the email is not activated.


        Make sure that an email adress is defined for that employee and that it is activated.

        B. The name of the employee is not written correctly.


        The initial user which is created by DYMO will appear in the employee and user list. Do not change the name of the user and the way it is written. For example: when "Elke De Munck" is in the list, and it is typed in as "De Munck, Elke", than the system won't recognize this employee and will not send an email.

    Need further assistance?» Contact DYMO