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Good to know

    • FAQ's
      • The scale LCD looks like it has too many digits.

        You are probably seeing the segments that make up the digits. This can happen if you are looking at the LCD from an odd angle. Change the angle with which you are viewing the scale and it should be ok.

      • What is a load cell?

        The mechanism in the scale, which bends ever so slightly when weight is put onto the platform. The microcomputer in the scale measures the amount of bending and translates that into the digital display, which is the weight.

      • Why does the scale display sometimes fluctuate?

        An electronic scale may fluctuate if the item it is exactly to the weight where the scale display changes from one increment to the next. It may also fluctuate if it is on an uneven or wobbly table.

      • There seems to be a deviation in the weight measurement.

        Check to see if you are in the right mode. Do you want pound mode or kilo mode? If you are using an electronic scale, did you turn on the scale and wait for the display to show 0:0 before weighing? Some people inadvertently put the load on the platform and then turn on the scale. All scales are made to show 0:0 when they turn on.

      • What does “Tare” mean? Tare is sometimes used interchangeably with “Zero,” “Reset,” Re-zero,” and “Clear.”

        Tare is the method of removing the weight of a container so only the weight of the contents inside the container is not displayed on the scale. There are not a lot of uses for this in a postal scale scenario, but it is helpful in foodservice. For example, a pizza cook puts an empty pizza pan on a scale. The empty pizza pan weight is displayed the cook pushes the tare button and the scale display returns to zero. The cook can add pizza dough, push the tare button, add tomato sauce, push the tare button, etc. With each additional ingredient, the cook just sees the weight of the ingredient.

      • Why does 'OVLD' appear on the display?

        It means the scale has too much weight. It may mean the scale itself is overloaded such as putting 15 lbs on a 10 lb scale. On a rate-computing scale it may mean you are trying to perform a function, which cannot be performed such as sending a 5 lb letter in using a service restricted to 1 lb letters. Symbols of overload may include “OVLD” or OOOO.

      • Why does 'ERR' appear on the display?

        It is a symbol for an error. It means different things on different scales. On a rate computing scale it can mean the user has attempted to perform an invalid entry, for example, insuring a package that cannot be insured. On a straight weight scale, it may mean the scale is overloaded.

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